MyHero Jim McClinsey CharacterHi, I’m Jim McClinsey and this is the official MyHero website!

MyHero is a product which taps into the creative and imaginative parts of a child’s mind to help them become the author of their own unique superhero.

I have a long history of loving comic books, as you can see from the photos on this page from the local newspaper here in Middletown, NY*.

I’m a tenured teacher and crisis counselor Certified in Elementary Education with a Master’s in Elementary Reading and Literacy.  I taught in the public school system for about a decade.

I’ve long held the belief that education has to be two things to be most effective:

1. Get the material across clearly

2. Be fun!

I came up with the idea for MyHero while thinking about activities for enhancing reading and writing.  Because I love superheros so much myself, I naturally gravitated toward something which utilized comic book characters.

Over the course of the products’ development I had the input of certified teachers to suggest improvements to the MyHero Superhero Kit in a Box.  After several prototypes, we were able to come up with what you see on these pages.

Here’s how MyHero works:

The child uses the Origin Sheet to answer some questions about their hero, something a parent may need to guide them in the first time to get the idea.  Every child is different, some may need very little help and some may need a bit of hand holding along the way.

The child will produce a name for their hero, a catch phrase and an origin story.

After this, the child will place the included mask over the foam head (which we call The Easel) and draw their design on the mask.

After some drying time, the mask can be removed from The Easel and worn by the child!

Kids enjoy creating their own superhero and mask and the kit allows for multiple characters after a quick wash in warm water.

Once dry, in about 24 hours, the child can draw a new character on their mask and start a whole new adventure!


*If you would like to see the articles accompanying these images you may see them here and here.

MyHero is a patent pending product from MyHero Headquarters, LLC.