MyHero brings interest, artistry, and education together. Our best strengths lie in our imaginative spirit and MyHero provides a vehicle for this creativity.

As an educatorfather, and fan of comics, I would highly recommend MyHero as a pathway forward to weave imagination and hands on learning into one then do it all over again!

MyHero allows the best version of ourselves to shine through.


John P. Maggi

Teacher and Father of two

MyHero is a pleasing alternative to many children’s activities. With so many of young peoples activities involving staring at a screen, it was a delight to watch my kids actually creating and using imagination.

I was able to help them create characters and then go play as those creations. MyHero is the most fun that we have had as a family in years

Gene Hoyle

Father and comic book author

Hear Our Review On



I absolutely love this product!  It is beneficial for children in so many ways.

I can see how it will enhance reading and writing skills because that is a part of communication.  This product will engage a child in using his or her imagination to tell a story about a super hero that they have created.

This will lead them to be able to write using creativity and descriptive details.  Children can also be encouraged to read more if their parents use books as an opportunity to come up with new ideas for their childs’ next hero.

I like this idea for parents and teachers too!

A teacher can purchase two kits and use this every day of the week, allowing one student a day to create their own super hero and discuss their hero with the class.  This would enhance communication skills, spark imagination and would be great to add some fun to circle time!

Alexis Reyes

Literacy Teacher

I thought [MyHero] came out great! I like that you can make your own hero design-[our] boys made one and they played it for hours!

Then they changed [them to a new version after washing the masks out]!

Susy Nerey

Mother and Childrens' Literature Author


This is Gavin, he has an avid interest in reptiles, so he based his MyHero superhero origin and mask on a reptile theme!  His character is named The Viper!



Here’s Gavin working on his MyHero Origin Sheet.


Here he is using the MyHero washable marker to design The Viper MyHero mask!


The finished product!


Here’s Gavin wearing his Viper mask, when he’s done with it he can wash it out in warm water, let it dry and make a whole new design!



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